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We also offer design services for soft furnishings which include luxurious cushions to complement your upholstered furniture.

Make your home feel complete with designer cushions selected from a huge range of fabrics and styles to help bring out the best in your furniture.

If you have a ​piece of furniture you'd like upholstered or any soft funishing you'd like designed please get in touch to arrange an intital free consultation.

Whether the furniture upholstery you need is a modern armchair or a treasured antique piece, our specialist team can upholster all types of furniture to enhance your treasured pieces.

As well as upholstering armchairs, sofas and covering dining chairs we also make headboards and curtain pelmets.

There are a number of benefits in choosing furniture upholstery. As well as doing your bit for the environmental you also retain the sentimental value and the original features of your furniture.

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